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About South Florida ENT Associates serving Greater Miami ENT Needs

Welcome to South Florida ENT Associates, South Florida’s premier ear, nose and throat diagnostic and treatment center.  Our team of doctors and staff provide unparalleled service using state of the art technology in two South Florida locations, Hollywood and Miami.  Visit one of our facilities today and receive the the highest level of treatment for all of your ear, nose and throat conditions.

Why South Florida ENT Associates?

Customer Service

Our support staff prides themselves on providing unmatched customer service to all our patients.

Modern Facilities

Our facilities use the latest technology to help diagnose and treat all ear, nose and throat conditions.

World Class Standard

Our team of doctors and staff are held to the highest standards through continuing education and training.

Caring Staff

Our staff treats all patients with the utmost respect and care, ensuring all patients feel welcomed and properly cared for.

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