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Voice surgery may be required if your vocal cords are damaged due to either growth or infection. Voice surgery is extremely safe and most often results in positive results.

Types Of Voice Surgery

Depending on the underlying cause of your voice issues, one of the following procedures may be required:

Microlaryngoscopy. This procedure is a diagnostic test that involves the examination of the vocal cords using an endoscope. During the test if a small tumor is found, it can be removed via laser or using endoscopic surgical tools.

Medialization laryngoplasty. This procedure is performed to find and treat issues with the vocal fold. Medialization laryngoplasty is recommended for patients who suffer from vocal cord dysfunction due to neurological conditions.

Reduction laryngoplasty. The altering of shape and position of the Adam’s apple.  This results in a thinner and more feminine aesthetic.

Recovery + Outlook

The recovery process for voice surgery varies but many patients experience some degree of discomfort in the treated area.  Pain medication can be prescribed to help ease pain and discomfort. At home treatment by following some of the below tips will help with the recovery process:

  • Rest your voice
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Steam showers

Most patients will experience immediate improvement of their symptoms and can expect the results to continue to improve over the next few weeks.

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